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Heading off for Scotland


After successfully completing a few concerts at the Norwegian Woodstokka Festival, Norwegian wind band Klepp Hornmusikk (literally "Klepp Horn Band") will be heading for its Scotland Tour, starting August 26. The band has its home location in the small village of Klepp, about 25 km south of Stavanger, right across the North Sea from Aberdeen. Together with Liverpool in England, Stavanger holds the position as European Cultural Capital in 2008.

Scotland flagg
Initially started as a high school marching band in 1957, Klepp Hornmusikk is now looking forward to its 50th year anniversary in 2007. Over the last years the band has seen a great increase in its member base, and with more than 60 musicians aged 15 to 55 years, it has become the biggest amateur concert band in the Stavanger area. Throughout the year, several concerts and performances are given. The most important performance of the year is definitely the New Year's Concert in Klepp Town Hall, which has been sold out every year since it was first played in 1994. Boosted by professional guest solists, Klepp Hornmusikk has managed making this concert series into one of the definitive highlights on the local cultural scene. This has given the band a good reputation, and it has also received a few cultural awards for the very same reason.

This summer Klepp Hornmusikk is visiting Scotland for the very first time. From Thursday August 26 to Sunday August 29, the band will be touring out from Blairgowrie, Perthshire. Concerts will be given both in Blairgowrie and Perth, mostly with Norwegian music on the list. For its Scotland tour, Klepp Hornmusikk has selected a wide range of music ranging from classical pieces to marches and modern jazz. In other words, there should be something for everyone to like.

The tour is also a social event for the band members, and they will spend most of Friday 27th in Edinburgh, with a visit to the Tattoo as the definitive highlight of the day. A short afternoon concert will also be given in Edinburgh.

Perth is the venue for Saturday's concert, and the band is rounding off its tour with a small and informal concert at Rosemount Golf Hotel, Blairgowrie, at noon Sunday. After that, Klepp Hornmusikk will be heading back home to Norway, to start off another busy musical autumn.

- There are ancient relationships between Scotland and Norway, and we are really looking forward to the tour, says Hallstein Otnes, chairman of the band.

Arild Mjaaland is the conductor of the band, and he is a well-known capacity on the musical scene in the Stavanger area. Much used both as a conductor, composer and arranger, he has received several awards. He has been with Klepp Hornmusikk since 1999.

For more information and details, please contact:
Rosemount Golf Hotel, Blairgowrie
Golf Course Road, Rosemount, Blairgowrie, Perthshire PH10 6LJ
Phone: 01250 872604

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